Covid-19 - Advice and Info about Our Services

31 Mar 2020

We hope that all of our customers are managing to stay safe and can avoid the virus.


At present, we do not anticipate any major issues. However, as restrictions are being applied and enforced around the world, there could be delays or issues in the future.


To keep websites safe and online, we wanted to share a few things that you can do to avoid problems:


1) If your domain name is due for renewal within the next 6 months, consider extending it for at least 1 year in advance. You can order this in our client area.


2) If your web hosting is due within the next 6 months or you pay monthly, consider paying in advance for a longer period of web hosting. If you want to change your payment plan, please contact our support. You can choose from 1m, 3m, 6m, 1yr, 2yr, or 3yr payment plans. You can order early renewals in our client area, but you will need to email us if you want to change your payment period.


3) Consider changing to PayPal. If you are using bank transfers or cash deposits to pay for our services, changing to PayPal could automate your payments and also automate the verification of your payments (no need to email us or for us to manually check the payment). You can normally link PayPal with a Thai bank account (or international account) and use the debit card provided to make payments through PayPal. PayPal even connects to some bank’s virtual debit cards.


4) Backup your website files off server (in another location). With WordPress, this can be easily done with a backup plugin that emails or uploads your website to services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, ert. You can also download backup files by FTP or cPanel. Keeping a backup is always a good idea, but more so in these uncertain times.


5) Update your passwords to make them as secure as possible. Covid-19 has resulted in millions of people working from home or unemployed. This means more people are spending time online, including hackers and scammers.


6) Never click links in emails (even if they seem real). Always type the URL you want or use your browser bookmarks to visit the correct website. Also, never give your password or username to anyone. We will never request it.


This is a challenging time for all businesses. We need to work together to stay safe and keep businesses going as best as we can.


On our side, we are working with our upstream providers to try and ensure all services run as usual. We are automating things as much as we can, so that even if staff are sick and we need to run on a reduced team, everything should continue to function as normal. Support should also remain 24/7, but please understand that replies could be slower as staff shifts may need to be adjusted to issues that arise. Many support staff are now also working from home.


If you are at home now, it could also be an ideal time to start a new website business. Working online is something many dream of doing, so this could be the ideal opportunity to try to create something amazing.


Stay safe, stay positive, and try to stay away from each other as much as possible until this passes.

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